Friday, February 5, 2016

Playing tests for all next week

All classes have been preparing for and are aware of our playing tests next week.
6th grade will be testing on level 2, 4/4 time, concert Bb (transpose to your key) on sight reading factory. We will test by section and then individually. We will test one or two instrument sections per day starting on Monday. Please be prepared.

7th grade will be testing on level 3, 4/4 time, concert F (transpose to your key) on sight reading factory. We will test by section and then individually. We will test one or two instrument sections per day starting on Monday. Please be prepared.
8th grade (Wind Ensemble) will be testing on our scales on p. 42. We will focus on concert Bb, Eb and F( transpose to your key). Students will play the three scales individually (no arpeggios). Please be prepared. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

All classes play everyday this week

Please plan to bring your instrument and music everyday this week. Monday will be sectionals and test make-ups and redo's for 6th and 7th grade and just sectionals for 8th grade. (8th grade redo's will be Feb. 8th.)

Playing tests for all classes will be the week of Feb. 8th.  The no play day for all classes that week will be Friday, February 12th. Look for a message with more details on the upcoming playing tests by Wednesday this coming week.
I appreciate everyone's flexibility on our recent schedule changes!

Monday, January 25, 2016

All Classes play Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Jazz Lab after school Thursday.

All classes play Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Thursday is our no-play day during class.
If you are participating in Jazz Lab on Thursday after school you will need your instrument on Thursday as well.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Introducing Ivan Arteaga for woodwind lessons

Ivan Arteaga
Hello Woodwind Families,
This is Ivan Arteaga's contact information. He is our jazz lab instructor and would like to teach some private lessons as well on the days he is here. He is a wonderful addition to our professional teaching staff. Ivan teaches saxophone, clarinet and flute.
If you are interested in lessons with him please contact him directly.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Upcoming Playing Tests and Other News

We have some schedule changes due to our two upcoming no-school Mondays.

The week of January 19-22 will be a playing week. All groups will play every day.

In Class Playing Tests are as follows:

7th grade Symphonic Band - Tuesday, January 19th #74 notes, rhythm and tempo. Extra credit for dynamics.

8th grade Wind Ensemble - Thursday, January 21st 6/8 time signature level 2 in Sightreading Factory

6th grade Concert Band - Thursday, January 21st #106 notes, rhythm and tempo, articulations

The week of January 26-29 the no-play day for all groups will be Thursday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Solo and Ensemble Festival

Eastshore Region Solo and Ensemble Festival
Solo and Ensemble festival is an opportunity for students to prepare a piece and perform in front of a professional musician adjudicator. Students may choose to play a solo or can work with other students and perform in a duet, trio, quartet or other small ensemble.
Students who have private lessons are encouraged to play a solo. Your instructor will help you select a piece.
If you would like to be part of a duet or other small ensemble, Ms. Sunmark has music to select from.
The festival will be held at Beaver Lake Middle School this year on Saturday, March 12th. Students will be given a 10 minute time slot. You should plan to arrive at BLMS at least 30 minutes prior to your performance time. You will be directed to a warm up room and then to your performance room. You may arrive at the performance room early and watch other performances and are encouraged to stay and watch a few performances after yours. There are very few people in the performance space. Typically your family and possibly a few other students who have just performed or will be performing plus your adjudicator and Ms. Sunmark.
After your performance your adjudicator will give you feedback. You will also receive a certificate with a gold, silver or bronze rating. This is not a competition. Every student performing has the possibility of receiving a gold rating.
This is an excellent and fun opportunity for musical growth. The preparation of the piece is the fun part and the performance is the icing on the cake.
Please let Ms. Sunmark know by January 22nd if you are interested in participating in the festival this year. You will have a registration form to fill out. There is a minimal cost for participation. Solos are $17 and small ensembles are $17 plus $2 per student performing. Most solos also have a piano accompaniment. Please see Ms. Sunmark if you need an accompanist recommendation.

Please contact Ms. Sunmark if you have any questions.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Announcing Jazz Lab Band

Jazz Lab Band will begin in January and run through May. This band is for everyone who is proficient on their instrument and wants to explore jazz basics and improvisation. All instruments are welcome.
The band will meet every other Thursday after school beginning January 14th.
Student will be able to take the activity bus or be picked up.

Our Jazz Lab clinician is Ivan Arteaga.

Ivan Arteaga is a saxophone and clarinet player in the Seattle area. He has recently completed a Masters degree in composition at the University of Washington, studying with Richard Karpen and Cuong Vu. Ivan has a background in jazz but is primarily involved in the creation and performance of new works by current musicians and composers. His playing and projects have spanned the worlds of contemporary art music, avant-pop, completely free-improvised works, and much in between. Ivan is also a founding musician and board member of the Seattle record label Table & Chairs launched in early 2011.

This band is a great way to learn jazz basics whether you plan to join the traditional jazz band in the future or not.
If you are currently a member of our traditional jazz band the lab band is a great place to increase your improvisation skills.

Please email Ms. Sunmark if you are interested in joining Jazz Lab Band or if you need more information.