Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From Mr. Tanner to 8th grade band students

Hello New Liberty Band Students and Families,

I am extremely excited to have all of you join the Liberty Band community in just a couple of months! Judging from the performances you gave this year and conversations with Ms. Sunmark, this group of incoming freshman is a special group of musicians.  

First, I want to bring your attention to our summer band camp which runs August 17th-21st from 12:30pm-3:30pm.  All percussionists are required to stay an extra hour for sectional time until 4:30pm.  Students who can’t make the camp are expected to submit a playing test of the marching music during the second week of school.  This camp is required of all band students and it serves a couple purposes.  First, we need to be ready to play about 12 pieces of music for our first football game during the first or second week of school.    Second, this camp serves to welcome new members and help establish the Liberty Band community.  I get the impression that veteran band members look forward to band camp every year.

Please communicate with me if your student has a prearranged schedule conflict.  I would like to know about potential problems sooner rather than later.  

*Private Lessons—Now is the time to find a private teacher or keep taking private lessons.  The pace and difficulty of music is much accelerated compared to middle school.   A private teacher can really help your student grow leaps and bounds. Your student’s musicianship is a serious asset for obtaining college scholarships and admittance.  Please contact me if you need help finding a private teacher.

I understand that there are many fees associated with classes and that they present a substantial burden on many families.  Please communicate with me if you feel that any of these fees will present a financial hardship to your family.

*Fees to pay in the fall:

  • $15 course fee (covers transportation and festival fees)
  • $10 uniform use fee (for marching band jackets)
  • $7 band shirt (watch for more info later)
  • $11 Band hat (watch for more info later)
  • ($150 instrument rental fee for some students renting instrument from LHS)
  • ($50 percussion fee for percussionists only)
*Materials to purchase

  • Tux or black suit for men with cummerbund and bow tie(approximately $113)
  • Dress for women (approximately $65)
  • black dress pants (no jeans or leggings)
  • black shoes— All black.  No white on soles or logos or any part (could be dress shoes)
  • Flip folder—These are available at Mills Music, Kennelly Keys, or Amazon.  Follow this link to see an example:
  • Lyre—Please visit a music shop to make sure you get one that fits your instrument.  Flute players will need to ask about an arm brace that holds the flip folder.
Why does my kid have to buy a tux?  Starting in high school and continuing to the professional level, the standard concert attire is a tux.  All of the high schools in the district also wear tuxes for performances.  In my research, I have found that purchasing a tux is the same price as renting a tux for the year.  I am ok if your student wears a black suit (not blue, brown, ect…) with bow tie and cummerbund.

To take a look at next year’s performance calendar please visit my website:

Please contact me with an questions or concerns you may have about the materials or schedule.

Jared Tanner
Director of Bands
Liberty High School

Monday, June 1, 2015

End of year information for Maywood Band

Ms. Sunmark is back at Maywood as of today, June 1st. We will be continuing to play instruments until Thursday, June 11th. All students with Maywood instruments should return them by Friday, June 12th.
8th graders please check with Mr. Tanner at Liberty if you will need to rent an instrument next year.
6th and 7th graders, if you are continuing in band next year and need your Maywood instrument all you need to do is pay part or all of your 2015-2016 rental fee. If your Maywood instrument needs maintenance you should take it directly to Matt Schneider and then pick it up from him when it is done. If you only require regular maintenance your rental fee covers the repair. Any repairs beyond regular maintenance need to be covered by you.
See Ms. Sunmark if you have questions.

Briarwood 1st Grade Concert a Success

The Briarwood First Grade Concert was held on Tuesday, May 19th.
Students performed folk and Americana tunes such as This Land is Your Land and She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.
Singers and audience members had a great time. Congratulations Briarwood 1st Graders.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wind Ensemble Reigns Superior at Eastshore Region Band Festival

Wind Ensemble received a superior rating under the direction of Deborah Kovach at the Eastshore Region Band Festival 

Students were inspired by their clinic with Mariko Lane

Lunch at Red Robin

Steffano enjoys his bottomless rootbeer floats

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wind Ensemble to perform at Eastshore Region Music Festival on April 23rd

Wind Ensemble will travel to Beaver Lake Middle School to perform at the Eastshore Region Music Festival on Thursday, April 23rd. Ensembles from Mercer Island, Snoqualmie and all other Issaquah middle schools will also be performing.

Maywood's performance time is 9:20. We will stay to watch other groups and then depart for lunch at Red Robin at 11:30!

We still have room for 2 chaperones to join us. Please click on the link in the right hand column to sign up. There should be room to ride on the bus or two chaperones can carpool.

Permission slips will be coming home soon.

Wind Ensemble will also be traveling to the University of Puget Sound on May 6th which is a Wednesday. More information will be coming but plan now to be dropped off at school at 7:00 am. The bus will leave the parking lot at 7:25 with or without you! We will be returning by the end of the school day.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Good Luck MMS Spirit Band

Good Luck at the Talent Show MMS Spirit Band. We admire your dedication to putting on a great performance. Someone please video tape the performance so we can post it on the website!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Message from Ms. Sunmark

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for coming out to our concert on Wednesday and for those of you who couldn't be there I made the announcement that I would be taking a leave of absence from the band room for some time. I am having significant issues with my ears and I need time to heal. The district is on board to make the necessary acoustic adjustments in the band room as well. We don't have a clear time line but I am assuming it will be at least three months before I can come back full time.

Deborah Kovach will be the interim band director and I have every confidence in her. She has already had the opportunity to work with the Maywood band students. She will be sending out an introductory message to all of you.

I will continue to help coordinate the program so do send me your emails. I WILL be at solo and ensemble this weekend and am looking forward to hearing those of you who are performing. I will also be taking the 8th grade on the PLU field trip in May. I may also be taking the 8th grade to festival in April. I'll keep you posted on that.

I have received your emails about grades, instrument needs, and music selection suggestions. I'll be getting back to you all next week. I'm still supporting you all, just from a distance:-)

Please keep in touch. I miss you all so much.
Ms. S.