Friday, February 27, 2015

March 4th Band Concert

March 4th Maywood Middle School Band Concert 
at Liberty Performing Arts Center 
Call time for musicians is 6:00pm
Concert begins at 6:30pm

6th grade band will meet in the choir room
7th and 8th grade band will meet in the band room

Concert clothing is the same as last concert. Please follow the band dress code. Jazz Band is not performing on this concert so just wear your regular outfits 7th and 8th graders. 

I will be asking for parent helpers. Please email me if you are available to help organize the students. 
I'll need 2 parents for each grade level and 2 for crowd control in the auditorium

The kids are well prepared and it's going to be a great evening of music

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In Class Playing Tests and Smartmusic Tests

In Class Playing Tests and Smartmusic Tests are now assigned for 6th and 7th grade band. 8th grade to follow shortly.

6th grade in class test is #91 The Banana Boat Song,
6th grade Smartmusic tests are Shaker Hymn - due on January 23rd
                                                  Northridge Overture - due on February 6th
                                                  Morpheus - due on February 13th

7th grade in class playing test is a choice between #80 and #85. #80 is worth 10 points and #85 is worth 10 plus 5 extra credit points as it is in the key of Concert Ab and a bit more difficult.
7th grade Smartmusic test is Joyful Journey measures 1-41 - due on January 27th.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Break Celebration

Hi All,
This is just a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday) is our Winter Break celebration. Please remember your gift if you are participating in the white elephant gift exchange. Please remember to bring the food item or plate/napkin/fork item you were assigned. I will not be answering emails to remind you what you were assigned:-) No instruments tomorrow or Friday unless you are in jazz band. Happy Holidays Everyone!
Ms. S

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Smartmusic tests for all classes have been assigned

Smartmusic tests for all classes have been assigned and are due by December 19th. Look for your email letting you know which piece is assigned for your class.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Parent volunteers are needed for help at our concert on November 18th.

Please see the link in the right hand column for parent volunteers. Click on this link to sign up!

We need parent volunteers to supervise students in the warm up rooms and help them get to the stage when it's time to perform. 3 for 6th grade and one each for 7th and 8th grade. We also need 3-4 parents to help with programs and getting audience members seated. You would need to be at the Liberty Performing Arts Center by 5:45. Once the programs are handed out and students are either seated in the auditorium or on stage you can join your family in the auditorium.
Please make sure they save you a seat:-)

DATE: 11/18/2014 (Tue 5:45PM - 6:30PM)

LOCATION: Liberty Performing Arts Center

Friday, November 7, 2014

First Maywood Band Concert Tuesday November 18th at LHS Performing Arts Center

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that we have our first concert on Tuesday, November 18th at the Liberty High School Performing Arts Center. All band students are required to attend and should be in their warm up room in the Arts Center by 6pm. The concert starts at 6:30pm. Seating is limited so please consider just inviting immediate family members. We will have one section reserved for music students so they can watch the other groups as they are performing.

Please review the "What to Wear" document in "Maywood Documents" (right hand column).  I've made two minor updates. 7th grade boys should wear a white long sleeve button down shirt. 7th and 8th grade girls may wear open toed shoes. All other information is the same as you read in the band handbook at the beginning of the year. Please take the band dress code seriously.

And please email me if you any questions or concerns about the concert.

Ms. S.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Student to student tutoring available on Wednesdays in November

6th graders, would you like some extra help or just a fun opportunity to work with a 7th or 8th grade band student? Add your name to the sign up sheet in the band room! Sessions are on Wednesdays in November after school starting at 3:30 and going at least until 4.
Ms. Sunmark will be here as well.
You can either arrange to be picked up or take the activity bus (if you finish before the activity bus arrives you can go to the library).